Charleston Bridal Session | Christen’s Windy Adventure

Now that Christen and Jonothon have celebrated their beautiful Charleston wedding, enjoyed a super relaxing tropical honeymoon, and settled down into some well deserved domestic bliss, it’s time for Christen’s bridal portraits!  Yay!  Bridal (and groom-al) portraits are one of the smartest things you can do to reduce wedding day chaos and stress, plus, you get soooooo many more photos.  For Christen’s bridal session, we met up at St. Luke’s Chapel in downtown Charleston and made a bunch of photos in their courtyard before heading down the block to explore and find some crazy gorgeous light.  Despite the fact that the wind was blowing a jillion miles per hour (I’m super-cereal y’all), we managed to have a great time and create some super stunning photos for Christen and Jonothon.  Thank you Christen for being such a trouper and toughing out that crazy wind!



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