Atlanta Family Photos | Lindsey and Maxine

Today I’d like to share these awesome photos of Lindsey and Maxine and their munchkins Raleigh and Whitaker with you. We first met them about two years ago when we made some super fun family photos on the Atlanta Beltline, but that was before Whitaker had officially joined the family. This time, instead of mobilizing and hauling the troops out into a public space, I suggested we make photos at home and just document their typical family afternoon at home, and happily Lindsey and Maxine thought it was a good idea… or they were too exhausted to argue. Anyone with small children will understand that. So we hung out in the family room. And we played in the back yard in the sand box. And we played a board game. And it really was a great plan, because Lindsey and Maxine have the best back yard, the neatest house, and the cutest kids ever. Just check out these photos and see.

Amanda Summerlin



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