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Today I want to introduce you to some of the amazing women at my gym. And their daughters. This very special photo shoot started off oddly enough as a joke between me and my trainer. One morning while I lay dying on the floor in a pool of (probably) sweat, we came up with a plan that we would do a ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot of her at the gym in her wedding dress that involved deadlifts, whiskey, and barbecue ribs. After joking around about it for a couple of weeks, we both realized that we were onto something, and in a burst of inspiration the idea for the Strong is Beautiful women’s beauty fitness photo shoot was born. We invited all the phenomenal women of the gym and their daughters to come in for a day spent in the gym not sweating, to show off all their hard work and maybe have some whiskey and ribs. This is the result of that day. Thank you to everyone who came and helped, and to everyone who bravely stood in front of the cameras. You are all an inspiration to me. 

Strong Is Beautiful Creative Team

Gym: CrossFit Goat

Hair: Sandra Restrepo

Makeup: Alayna Pinion


Amanda Summerlin



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