Surprise Atlanta Rooftop Proposal | Kaitie and Daniel

Today I want to tell you all about Daniel’s fantastic rooftop surprise proposal to Kaitie. Late one recent Monday afternoon, I was escorted to the roof of Ventana’s, to their helicopter landing pad. I walked up the stairs, stood on top of the building and listened to the sounds of the city many stories below. From that high point, I scanned the skies until I saw the tiny dot making its way toward me. A minute later the roaring machine was sitting on the pad and two beautiful smiling people emerged and stood in front of the helicopter. Daniel spoke a few quiet words to Kaitie and then he knelt down. Kaitie intently watched him say the words and as he put the ring on her finger, she threw her head back with joy and elation. After all, how often do you stand on top of the world with your person and think about forever with them?

Amanda Summerlin



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