Savannah Mackey House Wedding Photos | Skylar and Adam

Today I’d like to tell you about Skylar and Adam and their touching vow renewal at Savannah’s gorgeous Mackey House. Skylar and Adam had planned to be married here last year in April, but we all know what happened last year. So instead, they were married in a small ceremony in their back yard, and postponed their celebration until this year when it would be safer for everyone to come together. And so the year passed and it came time for everyone to come together. Not everyone could come, but many could, and the day was full of elevated celebration and joy. Watching Skylar and Adam all day, I noticed how lovingly they looked at each other, and how they were each able to allow the other to move through the rapidly changing emotions of the day. They’ve learned a lot in the past year. We all have. But possibly the most important thing we’ve all learned is to give each other space to be. Congratulations to you Skylar and Adam. You are beautiful and perfect and it was an honor and a joy to be there for you to document your celebration and love.

Amanda Summerlin



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