Washington D.C. Viceroy Hotel Wedding Photos | Liz and Rebecca

Today I’d like to tell you about Liz and Rebecca’s wedding. They had an intimate micro wedding at the luxurious Viceroy Hotel on the perfect date. It wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t too cold. The story of how they ended up getting married on the perfect date is very sweet.

In the Fall of 2017, Becca, ready for a serious relationship, decided to challenge herself to go on 10 dates before New Years. To achieve this goal, she opened Tinder with the intention to meet anyone she thought it might be pleasant to spend an hour having coffee with.

In the Fall of 2017, on a bit of a whim, Liz decided to download Tinder, and explore who was out there in the DC area. “I’m a bit picky,” she thought to herself, “I ought to start looking now. It may take me awhile.” Little did Liz know, she would match with Becca the very first night on the app, and never swipe again…

On Sunday November 19, 2017, Liz burst into Compass Coffee, out of breath, apologizing profusely. Becca had been sitting there about 50 minutes (she was 20 minutes early, Liz was 30 minutes late). Thankfully, Becca was charmed by Liz’s genuine apology and adorably frazzled state. 

A few dates later, some meeting of pets and family, and after a few exciting travels together, they knew it was meant to be and that’s how we all ended up at the Viceroy on the perfect date.

Congratulations Liz and Becca!

Liz and Rebecca’s Creative Team

Venue: Viceroy Hotel
Cake: Brown Box Cake Stand
Flowers: Wollam Gardens
Liz’s hair: JSL Visions

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