Las Vegas Desert Family Photos | Emma and Paul

Working my way west, my next stop on my road trip was Las Vegas, where I met up with Emma and Paul, their first-born fur child Ranger, and their newest family member, Rowan. We first met Emma and Paul and Ranger a couple of years ago in the desert to make engagement photos at Lake Mead NRA. At this shoot, I quickly learned that Ranger would steal the show and Emma and Paul were up for any wild idea that I might throw out there. As you can see, things have only gotten better for them. Rowan mostly stole the show this time with the all-time best cheeks and camera connection, while Emma and Paul were like ‘heck yeah’ when I said ‘let’s go over there to that dry lake bed and play’ once the art piece got a little crowded. On a positive note, my sunburn is healing nicely (*note that the experienced desert dwellers in the group all wore massive amounts of sunblock, unlike their foolish photographer).

Amanda Summerlin



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