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Family Photography

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Family Portraits That Are About You

You need a new family portrait. You could go to some cheap portrait studio and get really cheap family photos that look like everyone else's really cheap family photos. Family photos that are all posed and awkward in front of a cheesy pastoral backdrop, with everyone making their best fake smile.


But you don't want family photos that look like everyone else's. You want creative family photography that shows who you are. You don't want just good family photography, you want great family photography. You want a collection of photos of your kids that catches them laughing and playing. With running and jumping and blowing bubbles and eating ice cream. Oh, and you want photos of your family that have you in them too, because you're always the one taking the pictures.


I get it. I've been there. My goal with family photography is to capture you and your kids natural and unposed so that the images reveal the true personality of your family, in all its sweetness and splendor. And its laughter and tears, and drool (those of you with toddlers know where I'm coming from).


Because your family isn't like anyone else. Your family photos shouldn't be either.



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