Halloween Family Photos In New Rochelle | Megan and Sean

Today is all about Megan and Sean and James and meeting Miles! These wonderful people are one of the main reasons I love my job. It’s been five years since I photographed Megan and Sean’s wedding in Tennessee. In that five years, they’ve moved a couple times and had two baby boys, and all along the way, they’ve invited me to document the changes in their lives. Seeing them each year is something I really look forward to. Making photos that tell their story year by year delights my inner story teller and humbles me. This year, James is turning three and he’s become quite the fan of Catboy, so being the amazing parents that they are, Megan and Sean not only got him a costume, but they dressed up as well. A family that superheroes together is a family that is happy. (Also, Gekko makes a mean PBJ.) On the day that I came to make their photos, a pretty intense rainstorm had settled over the city, so I suggested we do my favorite kind of photo session, a day in the life family shoot. When I asked Megan and Sean how they would normally spend a rainy weekend morning at home, they knew exactly what to do. Megan and James have a standing weekend muffin making date, and James is getting really handy in the kitchen. By the way, those gluten free banana muffins were the perfect super delicious breakfast at 4am on the way to the airport. Thanks you guys! Until next year…

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