Historic Fourth Ward Park Engagement Photos | Malori and Jeremiah

Today we head to downtown Atlanta to Historic Fourth Ward Park to make some fall color engagement photos with Malori and Jeremiah, who are engaged to be married next year.

People often ask me what my favorite kind of light to work with is, and my answer is always “YES!” There’s benefits and drawbacks to every kind of light, and you learn to love all of it. Though it was a cloudy day when we took the photos, the overcast sky really worked in our favor. The soft light diffused through the clouds was beautiful and even with no harsh shadows anywhere. Even better, the fall colors were rich and glowing but didn’t overwhelm, and we could be anywhere we wanted to be without worrying so much about the angle of the light.

Another things folks ask that always makes me chuckle is, ‘Can we include our pets?’. The answer is always, ‘YES PLEASE!’, and ‘Oh, did you want me to make some photos of you too?’. Their little fur baby was actually one of the best models I’ve worked with in a while and gave me some really great poses to work with. I really love it when a couple decides to make a few photos at home for their engagement session. It’s just so cozy and intimate and it really is important to save these memories of the early years of your relationship.

Spending the afternoon with Malori and Jeremiah was definitely a blast. We discovered that we had quite a few things in common, like our love for dogs and outdoor adventures. And they discovered that they are supermodels. At least, I hope that’s how they feel after seeing all these photos.

Congratulations Malori and Jeremiah!

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