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Lauren Senior Portrait: Gainesville Senior Photography

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“If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” -Marty McFly

Hello Internet!  I’d like to introduce you to Lauren.  She is our future.  That’s right, she’s graduating this year.  Heading off into the big blue yonder to kick booty and take names.  Except she’s so dang nice that she’ll probably not have the heart to be ruthless enough to kick anyone’s butt.  Instead, she’ll just wave and smile while she mows them down with her lazer of kindness.  It’s devious really.  Flawless.  Bordering on evil genius if you ask me.

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So, lately I’ve been asking my clients to tell us about them because it’s really much more accurate when they tell you about themselves.  Especially since I’m just making stuff up most of the time.  Buuuuut, Lauren must not have gotten the email, so guess what that means…  duh duh duhhhh…  I’m going to answer her questions for her!  (Insert maniacal Dr. Horrible laugh here.)  Be warned!  I make no promises regarding accuracy or logic.  Heck, I’m not even gonna promise to use punctuation.  (I mean seriously, does anybody know how to use a semi-colon anyway?)  Let the games commence!

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What school do you attend? I’m a straight A student at Hogwart’s School of the Tragically Magically Gifted.  There I study subjects like Adorable Tiny Mammal Shape Shifting and The Art of 80s Music Spells.  My best spell so far is the Thriller.  It’s a self defense spell that briefly turns an attacker into a zombie break dancer who then spins themselves unconscious.

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What is your favorite music? Oh, I really love retro music, like that song that was playing on the radio last week… oh, what’s it called?  Dang it.

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What do you do for fun? My friends and I like to volunteer our time at the Mime Academy teaching youth the art of mime.  (I’m pulling a rope now, see?)

IMG 3326 2

What is your favorite movie? Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is clearly the Best Movie of All Time.  (Amanda said that.) (Well, Amanda said all of it, but she especially said that.)

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What is an accomplishment that you are proud of? I got bit by this radioactive spider once and my arm glowed for a week.  Does that count?

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Assuming you plan to grow up (and it is optional- just look at me), what are you going to be? Well, I thought Amanda was really cool, so I want to be just like her.  (Wow, thanks Lauren.  That’s really cool.)

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What’s your style? I’m very partial to Baroque.  Although I do enjoy the Rococo period as well.  These shoes are fashioned after actual shoes worn in the royal courts of Venice, Florida.

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But, in all seriousness, Internet, it was a L.O.T. of fun to hang out with Lauren this weekend.  She really is just as cool as she looks.  Plus she has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.  Scroll back and take a look if you didn’t notice already.  I’ll wait.

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See!  I told you!  Stunning eyes.  I’ve never seen any like them before.  And she has a killer Johnny Cash t-shirt.  But she didn’t wear it for the session, what with needing to keep things grandparent friendly.

Thanks again Lauren for playing with me on Saturday.  You are really amazing.  Also, you should check your email… bwa ha haaa.

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