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North Charleston Engagement Photos | Katie and Dan


Today I want to talk about Katie and Dan and their North Charleston engagement photo session. It’s been kind of a joke between me and several of our Charleston clients that you can’t have a wedding without Katie. She has a special magic that makes a wedding awesome, and she knows all the cool people. You may have seen her dancing and hamming it up at her brother Doug’s wedding to Joy in North Carolina, or at Erin and James’ wedding on the salt marshes in Charleston, or most recently at Jessica and John’s wedding in historic downtown Charleston. It was at Jess and John’s wedding that I first met Dan. He was quiet, but right away I noticed his smile, because I always notice a good smile like his. When Dan smiles, his eyes sparkle and he gets these awesome crinkles around his eyes. You know anyone who smiles like that is going to be a really nice person. And I was totally right. Even better is how much fun the two of them have together. They laugh and play and allow each other to be silly and it’s completely contagious. Being around them makes you smile and laugh a lot.

Here’s what Katie had to say about their relationship:  “The Dreamer and the Builder…. He’s an engineer with a very logical brain- I am a social worker/writer/book worm/more creative sort of person. I am always dreaming, and he is always supporting, encouraging, and doing anything he can to help make my dreams come true… From things as silly as my idea for a design for a bed board, which he physically built, to wanting to quit my job to focus more on writing (I won’t really have an opportunity to work anyway once I go to Germany). Anyway, I have no idea if I’ll ever do anything more than have a silly blog which 5 people read, but Dan knows how much I love collecting stories, how much I love sharing/telling stories, and he is super supportive of me giving it a shot….Meanwhile, he is physically and mentally capable of doing things I couldn’t even imagine (e.g. understanding the intricacies of a car’s engine- how the parts work and fit together, etc.). We’re a good team.”

So now that you know a little more about this incredible duo, you really should take a look at their engagement photos, because I think we covered all the territory between sweet and silly and funny and epic in one afternoon in North Charleston. And we had a little help from Katie’s bacon-loving pup, Buffy (who makes a pretty darn good portrait, I might add). Enjoy!

north charleston engagement photoNorth Charleston Engagement Photos | Katie and Dan-33North Charleston Engagement PhotosNorth Charleston Engagement PhotosNorth Charleston Engagement Photos | Katie and Dan-30north charleston engagement photo





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