Surprise Engagement In Piedmont Park | Julie and Chris

A couple of weeks ago, I got one of my favorite kinds of emails from Chris. He was planning to propose to his girlfriend Julie and wanted to surprise her in Piedmont Park where they had one of their first dates, and have the whole thing photographed. After several emails, a trip to the park, and some scheming and plotting (and maybe a couple of evasive answers to Julie’s questions), Chris had hatched a plan that involved three of his friends, me & Jessie posing as my faux-client. His friends would stake out the dock he had selected on the lake in Piedmont, while Jessie & I would wait close by. At 2pm almost on the dot, Chris and Julie appeared while Chris’ friends made a quick exit to stage right. They stood on the dock for a few moments while other park visitors meandered by. The thing that stood out to me about Julie right away was that when Chris got down on one knee in traditional proposing form, she kneeled down with him right away and remained eye to eye with him through the whole proposal. That really made me smile, and it was really fun getting to know them while we made photos and seeing what a great team they make together. Although, I must admit, I had to laugh when Julie made it pretty clear that Chris can climb Mt. Ranier solo. Can’t say I blame her. While I loves me some hiking and peak bagging, it looks like it’s pretty cold up on Ranier. Brrr… Congratulations to Julie and Chris!



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