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Random Post | Coffee and Airports

Insane day

Today was a helluva day, and it’s only 4pm. Thankfully I’m holed up in a hotel room with some organic take-out on its way over.

It occurred to me earlier that we’ve been so busy just trying to get caught up on blogging all the weddings and shoots that we’ve been doing in the past few months that there’s been no random just for fun junk posts lately. And just in case you might be thinking you were off the hook, I’m going to throw a bunch of stuff up here and see what sticks.

There was seriously stinky traffic on the way to the airport this morning. I only made it on time because I assumed that a ticket for driving in the HOV lane would probably be cheaper than having to buy a same-day flight to Boston.

The plane boarded on time, but was an hour late leaving because of a computer malfunction.

Which gave me time to think about the weekend. Wedding on Friday. Fly home Saturday. Class on Sunday. 

Then I dozed off. 

There’s this strange thing that your stomach does when the captain of the plane starts off his announcement with, ‘Folks, we don’t want you to worry, but…’

When we landed, there were 2 firetrucks with lights flashing waiting on the runway. ‘Just in case.’

The plane came to a stop at the end of the runway and no one said a word. Dead. Silence. You could hear all the mouth breathers.

Then the captain said the firetrucks had cleared us to go to the gate. Group exhale.

By the time I got off the plane and looked back out the window of the terminal, they had removed a large panel on the belly of the plane and there were 4 firetrucks parked beside the plane with lights flashing. Someone said there had been a fire in the wheel well.

I didn’t see any smoke.

It took a really long time to get our bags.

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.


Oh, and this random stuff: Things I wonder when traveling.

1.  Which is worse, body odor or too much cologne?
2.  Why do people congregate in the center of a high traffic corridor to talk instead of moving to the side?
3.  If an airplane’s electronics are so fragile that my cell phone (or Alec Baldwin and Words With Friends) can bring us down, how does humanity continue to exist?
4.  Do they ban crying babies from first class?
5.  Why is it that adults have to wear seat belts, but babies and small children can sit on mom’s lap the whole flight?
6.  Why would a hotel located in an area where sunrise is at 5:30am install curtains that don’t actually close?
7.  How come the guy delivering food to a hotel room doesn’t bring forks?
8.  Why does shampoo taste so bad anyway?
9.  What the heck is a ‘cross check’?


And there you have it, 500 words and 2 photos. Up next: more photos, less words.


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