Atlanta Family Photos On The Beltline | Maxine and Lindsey

Today I want to introduce you to Lindsey and Maxine and their sweet sweet little bundle of energy, Raleigh. We met up in the Old Fourth Ward Park and then chased Raleigh up and down the Beltline for a little while as the golden sun set over the Atlanta skyline. This is a shoot that really gave me flashbacks. When Zac was a little guy and Jessie was at work, I’d take him to the park and let him run off some of that toddler steam while I chased behind him trying to get a photo or two that was in focus. I didn’t have a zoom lens back then, so it was a job of work. And now that I think about it, not much has changed, except that I got a better zoom lens. Zac’s still pretty much a live wire, which is why we loves us some soccer. He turns 16 on Sunday. Wow. 16. But I digress. We were talking about Maxine and Lindsey and Raleigh, who also happen to be expecting an addition to their family in the very near future. This photo shoot was kind of a last hurrah as a trio, and a welcoming of the upcoming quartet that they will soon become. Hmmm… wonder what kind of music they all like?


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