Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding | San Luis Obispo | Erica and Dean

Tiber Canyon Ranch Wedding Photo

Erica and Dean first met “on the 4th of July, 2009, but Dean does not remember this meeting despite the photographic evidence of attending the same party thrown by bridesmaid, Christine Moore. Clearly, although both of us were single at the time, neither of us thought twice about the other and we did not meet again until the Fall of 2010. Fate and friends continued to conspire to bring us together, and Erica kissed Dean at midnight at the New Years Eve party (ringing in 2011) that Dean and his then-roommate, officiant Greg Albanetti, threw at their apartment. Erica purposefully left her Tupperware behind to serve the purpose of opening the avenues of communication via which they arranged their first date.”

Dean is certain that Erica is the one for him, because “I usually will do anything Erica says, unless it is incredibly irrational or makes me feel too busy,” while Erica says, “Given that at the point of moving in together we were already in love, moving in together was the moment of knowing. It was a seamless transition, we got along so well as roommates, it was very easy to see that we would just WORK together.”

And thus a great love story was born of Tupperware, from which was born a fantastic wedding, which in turn brought forth perhaps the most hysterically brilliant wedding vows ever written (so said the photographer). And of course, photos of their Tiber Canyon Ranch wedding.


Erica and Dean’s Creative Team:

Venue:  Tiber Canyon Ranch

Caterer:  Trumpet Vine Catering

Flowers:  Fluidbloom

Entertainment:  Bill Gains Audio

Videographer:  Turned Wedding Films

Transportation:  SLO Safe Ride

Rental Company:  Got You Cover’d

Hairstylist:  Stefani Picchi



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