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Todd and Robby and Their Family: Atlanta Family Photographer

Gay family portrait


Ch-ch-ch-changes.  -David Bowie

Todd and Robby:  How to Make a Family

Now that some of the new has rubbed off of the New Year, things are starting to settle down over here in my corner of the universe.  Although you haven’t seen a lot of me this last month, there’s been a lot of stuff going on under the hood here at World Domination HQ,  also known as my studio.  Lots of ch-ch-ch-changes.

Gay family portrait 1

Now, figuring out how to tell you about the changes without boring you to death is quite the challenge, so here’s a picture of a cute doggie. (Cue the elevator music.)

Gay family portrait 2

That was nice, wasn’t it?  Now back to the changes.  Some of the more obvious changes I’ve been making are things like my updated wedding photography website.  And that’s some cool stuff.  Easier to use.  Lots of eye candy.  All good.  And pretty soon, there will be a similar change on my portrait website.  You know you’ll be seeing some of these photos there, for sure.  Look, a baby.

Gay family portrait 3

And the changes you can’t see include new camera equipment, lots of new and updated software, and an entire revamp of how I edit everything.   Hey look, a baby and a doggie!

Gay family portrait 4

Gay family portrait 18

Gay family portrait 1 2

I may have mentioned to you in the past that I loves the film.  My first encounter with photography was long before digital was even thought of… no, I’m not old, digital is just really new, ok?  There’s nothing as fun as hanging out in a stuffy dark room, the stale smell of vinegar in the air, rocking a tray of chemical while you send up a prayer to the gods of art, and watching your image come to life.  There’s no longer minute in the world than the one spent waiting for the fixer to do its job so you can run out into the light with your dripping print and see if it’s finally perfect.

Gay family portrait 11

Gay family portrait 12

So, this year will include more film photography and I will be featuring that work here more often.  Even better, I’m processing my digital images to have a more realistic film look, so that the pictures are softer and richer.  Which works so much better for photos like these.

Gay family portrait 13

Gay family portrait 14

Gay family portrait 17

Yes, you really can have it all.

Gay family portrait 21

Gay family portrait 15

You know, one of the most important things I have learned in life is that a real family is made.  Whether you are related by genetics or circumstance, it takes lots of love and commitment to actually be a family.  It’s work, but it’s worth it.

But you already knew that.


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