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Engagement Photos At The Goat Farm In Atlanta

picture from engagement session at the goat farm in atlanta

Jennifer and Ray’s Engagement Photos at The Goat Farm

Engagement photos at a goat farm?  Really?, you ask.  Why?!?, you ask.  If you’re not from Atlanta, or even if you are from Atlanta, you probably haven’t heard of The Goat Farm.  It’s actually a pretty cool place.  The Goat Farm is a visual and performing arts center located in West Midtown (ha ha ha… sorry, can’t help myself… all this South Buckhead, West Midtown stuff cracks me up.. long-time Atlanta locals are laughing with me).

Basically, it’s a cool part of downtown Atlanta that hasn’t been turned into a shopping center or condos.  Yet.  Hundreds of artists have studio space there, and there’s always some cool art or music event happening.  Oh, and yes, there are some goats there.  And chickens too.

The Goat Farm is a wicked cool place to make photos, so when Jennifer and Ray told me they wanted to make their engagement photos at The Goat Farm, I did a little happy dance (in my head of course… I was all calm, cool, and collected on the outside…. well, ok, I may have said Woo hoo!… and I may have tried to hug them)

Jennifer may look familiar to a few of you really observant long time stalkers.. uh, readers.  She first made an appearance on this blog  when we met the adorable Emelia and Adele for their newborn portrait session in Grant Park.  She’s their mommy’s sister, otherwise known as Awesome Aunt Jen.  Even though I’m probably making that up, if the twins could talk, I’m certain that’s what they’d call her.

engagement photos at the goat farm in front of no parking sign

couple leans on post for engagement session at atlanta goat farm

Amusingly, this is not the first time I’ve photographed an engagement session with a chicken present.  This chicken seemed to want something from us and followed us somewhat persistently for several minutes.  I think I’ve already mentioned previously that chickens kinda creep me out.  Having a chicken stalk you is even creepier.  Although it did seem to provide some amusement to Jennifer and Ray to watch me twitch.  All in a day’s work, I suppose.

beautiful portrait of engaged couple by atlanta engagement photographer

atlanta engagement photographer engagement session at the goat farm

detail photograph of sleeve tattoo at engagement session in atlanta

engagement photos at the goat farm in front of graffiti
black and white photo of engaged couple by atlanta engagement photographer
intense black and white portrait of a man
black and white portrait of woman at the goat farm
engaged couple kisses in front of grungy doors at goat farm
laughing portrait of engaged couple at the atlanta goat farm

And that is the story of how Jennifer and Ray spent their morning with me making engagement photos at The Goat Farm and being stalked by creepy chickens.  Ok, just one chicken.  The best part is that we get to hang out with them in the spring at their wedding, which is going to be awesome. Jennifer and Ray, thanks so much for spending a chilly December morning outside with me and pretending my jokes were funny!  I can’t wait for your wedding.

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