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Sharie & Chris: Engagement Session in Decatur

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I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.
~ Rita Rudner

Sharie & Chris: Decatur Engagement Photos

Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with the coolest couple ever, Sharie & Chris. As you can tell from that first photo, they’re pretty serious and stuff.

engagement photo collage.jpg

We met at their house in Decatur and started their session there. They have a really cool lifestyle, and when we met over coffee last month for their free consultation, I just knew that making engagement photos of them in their home would be so much better than anywhere else. So we hung out at their house for a little while playing in their garden and with their chickens and clowning around in the VW bus.

decatur engagement photos 2.jpg

Sharie is a professional nanny. Doesn’t she seem like the kind of person you’d want your kids hanging out with?

decatur engagement photos 1.jpg

Although I gotta tell you, I want to hang out with them too!

decatur engagement photos 3.jpg

In addition to growing vegetables and chickens, they also had a bunny, whose portrait I neglected to take (bad Amanda), and two awesome pooches. And Chris makes his own beer too. So you know I totally want to hang out with him too.

decatur engagement pictures (1).jpg

And, naturally, we had to use this prop.

decatur engagement pictures 10.jpg

And of course, we didn’t shy away from the American Gothic reference. I’ll give you a moment to make your “hoe” jokes.

decatur engagement pictures 12.jpg

You know, gardening is very satisfying. There’s nothing tastier than home grown tomatoes. I think it would be awesome if it could be accomplished with a little less work. Just sayin’.

decatur engagement pictures 14.jpg

How totally cool is this?

decatur engagement pictures 15.jpg

Seems that Sharie and I share a fear of chickens. It’s just that they have those scratchy claws and those pecky beaks.

decatur engagement pictures 20.jpg

This has got to be one of the coolest portraits I’ve ever made. The camper, btw, is fully functional and they use it to camp everywhere. Last weekend, they went camping and panning for gold.

engagement session fun.jpg

So, after lots of goofing off and laughing at their house, we hit the road for a slight change of pace and few photos at the library and then the cemetery.

decatur engagement pictures 23.jpg
decatur engagement pictures 24.jpg
decatur engagement pictures 27.jpg

The Decatur library has some seriously huge magnolias out front that captured Sharie’s imagination the first time she saw them.

decatur engagement pictures 28.jpg
decatur engagement pictures 29.jpg

Some people might think a cemetery is an odd place for engagement photos.

decatur engagement cemetary picture.jpg

What those people don’t know is that if you are a cool couple like this, a cemetery is a completely logical and awesome place to make a portrait.

decatur engagement cemetary picture (1).jpg

Thank you Sharie and Chris for spending your evening with me. I had a total blast, and I am really super excited about your wedding. I can already tell that it’s going to be amazing, ’cause you guys sure are.

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